Saturday, July 21, 2007
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Poetry remains one of my biggest source of inspiration, other than music. But hey! Aren't poetry and music related to each other? Having studied literature, I find a subtle, lilting music in almost every poetry. Here's a small friendship poem which I read recently. Thought of sharing it with you.

A Friend Is Like A Flower...

A friend is like a flower -- a rose to be exact,
Or maybe like a brand new gate --that never comes unlatched
A friend is like an owl, both beautiful and wise
Or perhaps a friend is like a ghost, whose spirit never dies.
A friend is like those blades of grass -- you can never mow,
standing straight, tall, and proud -- in a perfect little row
A friend is like a heart that goes --strong until the end.
Where would we be in this world -- if we didn't have a friend.

Wow! A small one, but captures all emotions correctly. The author(unknown) analyzes who or what makes a true friend. A friend, like a fresh rose, unfolds his petals and scent to spread cheer and happiness. A friend is a wise watcher like an owl, and has undying spirit that is contagious. He is courageous and strong, lending a helping hand in times of need. Life would have been a thorny road, without a true friend! Send this beautiful poem to your friends on Friendship Day, and celebrate the glory of friendship!

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