Thursday, June 28, 2007
Hello Friends! Friendship Day is being celebrated 5th of August this year and it's a wonderful day dedicated to all your friends. This is a day dedicated for friends and their contribution in your life. Enjoy this special day with friends, near and dear ones, because this day comes only once a year. Plan what you want to do in advance. Send text messages or call up your friends few days before and intimate them about your plans. Invite suggestions from them as well and indulge in fun activities throughout the day.

Here are some pointers for Friendship Day fun activities:

# Begin Friendship Day by wishing all your friends, colleagues and family. Gift them with cute Friendship Day cards and nice gifts. You can either go for personalized cards and gift items, like friendship bracelets, which adds more personal touch and expresses your gratitude. If you can, paint a nice picture of your friend or send an e-card, which you can personalize with your sincere feelings and thoughts.

# Buy flowers, candles, chocolates, soft toys, friendship bands, cakes , or whatever you think will please your friends. If you are mailing the gift, do it in a way that brings an element of surprise, like hiding your name somewhere inside the gift!

# Hug your friends and let them know that you are touched by their support and help. Tell them how special they are in your life. If you have online friends, chat up with 'em and wish them a great Friendship Day. If you write blogs or have a website, write about your friends and the contribution they made in your life.

# Call up a radio station and dedicate a special song for your friends! This is a great way to let your friends know that you care for them.

# Buy your favorite movie tickets and enjoy a fun day with friends and loved ones. Alternatively you can watch an opera, magic show, or a theatre with your friends.


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