Friday, July 20, 2007
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MSN undertook an extensive worldwide survey to uncover slew of friendship secrets. Across the countries randomly 10,000 people were quizzed briskly, my my, the result that has come out will surely knock anyone off.

There have been many layers in the survey; I am not going into that. (I will discuss them later, may be). I am simply touching upon this issue, between man and woman, who is friendlier? You may find everywhere, irrespective of the social milieu, guys bonding with guys more than the girls. Be it at beer pub, on airplane or above Alps, guys enjoy special bonding amongst them, right? Wrong.

As per the worldwide survey from Girls are friendlier than Guys, they catch up, see or keep in touch with their friends in every 3.5 days. Whereas, for men the number is 5.

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