Friday, January 19, 2007
Find out whats your friendship personality type? get with your bud now to take this friendship quiz. Find out each of your personality types for optimum friendship success
Being best friends forever takes effort. There's no magic formula for friendship glue. But by identifying and understanding your friend's and your own personality types, you can ensure strong BFF bonds. Take our quiz...not once, but twice. First to determine your personality type and again to identify your bud's. Better yet, take it together. Mark your answers on paper so you can each take this quiz without knowing how the other responds. Honesty counts! Then read on to discover some important stuff on how to keep the friendship clicking

1.) You've just been elected to serve on the Student Council. Naturally, you are the... A. Treasurer. Show you the money! B. Social Committee Chair. You're all about planning--pep rallies, dances and fundraisers. C. President. Need we say more? D. School Ambassador. You are the perfect mediator, and everyone trusts you.

2.)You get easily annoyed with anyone who is... A. Unpredictable. B. Boring. C. Indecisive. D. Insensitive.

3 Your sister asks for your worldly advice on the benefits of eyebrow tweezing. You... A. Carefully ponder it before answering. B. Respond pronto--your first thoughts tend to be the best ones. C. Give her the only advice worth listening to. After all, who is more worldly than you?

D. Are sure not to hurt her feelings but tell her the truth (her brows are a bit bushy)

4 Your motto would have to be, "It's not whether you win or lose, it's... A. "How you play the game." B. "How you look when you're playing!" C. "All about winning." D. "Teamwork that counts!"

5 When choosing your duds for school, you dress... A. Accordingly. You're the Weather Channel's biggest fan! B. To impress. You intend to make a fashion statement. C. For success. You have a no-nonsense style. D. For comfort. If it feels good, wear it.

6 You're throwing your annual back-to-school bash in a mere two weeks. You... A. Have every last detail, from the tunes to the soda selection, accounted for on your party checklist. B. Have everybody who is anybody clamoring to be on your guest list. C. Have your mom take over. She's the best at making food, decorating, the whole shebang. D. Just hope everybody enjoys themselves.

7 During lunch time, you're busy... A. Finishing your homework for tomorrow. B. Catching up on the latest gossip. C. Scoping out plans for the upcoming weekend. D. Making friends with the new kid.

Mostly A's
You're a perfectionist. You don't necessarily need things done your way--just the right way! You have high expectations of yourself, your friends and your relationships. You're also less likely to do something to hurt someone you care about because you always think long and hard before you do or say anything!
After a bud battle, you are the one tossing and turning over what went wrong. Besides being hurt by "heated discussions," you are often baffled by the sudden turn of events.

Mostly's B's
Take a quick glance at your datebook. Any empty space in sight? Nope--not for a social bug like you! You've got a schedule chock full o' fun.
You don't merely take center stage--you are center stage. Your life is filled with praise and compliments. And it is through no small effort of your own. You're friendly, spontaneous and enthusiastic about everything. Even if you're not the one to throw the party, you are the one who's guaranteed to be invited!

Mostly C's
You like to be in control, but that doesn't necessarily mean you want to be the center of attention. You're the producer rather than the leading lady.
You're confident, independent and quite a go-get-'em gal. There's no time for stress in your life. You're a problem solver--and a quick one at that! Ah, but with your efficient style comes impatience. Peeps know to stay out of your way when you have somewhere to be!

Mostly D's
In a time of need, you're a friend indeed. Whether it's a shoulder to cry on or just a hug, you are most definitely on your friends' A List. Loyalty could be your nickname! You want what's best for you and your buds, and you work hard to help maintain harmony.
You can be a bit soft-spoken because you hate to take sides. You refuse to rock the boat and tend to sway with the status quo. But, hey, change can be good.

Your Flourishing Friendship...
Your bud is: SOCIALIZER
Things often work out well for the two of you. You're the gal who makes it all happen--deciding what parties you guys will attend or which matinee to hit. Your bud, the Socializer, is happy to follow your direction as long as her social life is brimming with excitement.
School brings changes, so be patient with your Socializer bud. She's apt to spend time hanging with lots of classmates and, of course, getting the latest dish. Stay involved with all your activities 'til Miss Flighty comes flittering by for your companionship and guidance.

Your bud is: RELATER
Your bud, the Relater, is often your saving grace. Being the control-hungry girl that you are, you can rub people the wrong way. However, your loyal buddy comes to the rescue, smoothing things over and keeping everyone happy! The Relater isn't as opinionated as you are, so don't overwhelm her.

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