Wednesday, January 10, 2007
Most teenagers use social networking sites and Online Friendship sites . But while most Girls go online to reaffirm existing Friendships ,Boys more often go there to flirt . This is the findings of the Pew Internet & American Life Project which shows that two thirds of teens who have created Friendship in social networking sites limit acess to a select viewers while 17% use their sites to flirt. The study also shows that teens are aware of making Friendships with strangers.
Older Boys aged 15-17 are more likely(60%) than older girls(46%) to use Friendship networking sites to make new friends.29% of these older boys use these Friendship sites to flirt but only 14% of older girls say they do .
However 70% of girls aged 15-17 have created a profile along with their friends in social networking sites compared with 57% of the boys .
The data based on phone interviews with 935 young people in October and November 2006 shows that 55% of US Online Youth use Online Social networking sites to find Friendship and frequently use Online Friendship Social Networking sites like MySpace,Xanga,Facebook.Ninety one percent of all teens use these sites to stay in touch with their friends they see frequently while 82% use them to stay in contact with friends they rarely see in person.
very few (5%) admitted to being lurkers-people who view other social network sites but dont maintain a profile of their own.

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