Saturday, January 6, 2007

I could not but reproduce Blaugh take on Friendster which has recently been awarded the US patent title for U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has awarded a new U.S. Patent
titled “A System, Method and Apparatus for Connecting Users in an Online Computer System Based on TheirRelationships within Social Networks” (Number 7,069,308). The patent, which was awarded to Friendster and lists Jonathan Abrams as the inventor, outlines a system, method and apparatus for connecting users in anonline computer system based on their relationships within social networks.
The patent’s claims cover the unique system for calculating, displaying and acting upon relationships in a socialnetwork. This invention led to the emergence of widely adopted online social networking systems."This patent is the first of many expected to be awarded to Friendster over the next several years and underscores
the company’s ongoing commitment to innovation in social networking,” said Kent Lindstrom, presidentof Friendster.The technology patented was developed by Friendster founder, Jonathan Abrams, in 2003.

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