Monday, May 5, 2008
Hello friends! Its Cinco de Mayo! Come now, don't say you know nothing about it! Its a major Mexican festival. It means '5th of May' in English. It has a lot of patriotic connotations for the Mexicans, but you don't have to be a Mexican to take part in the celebrations.

Cinco de Mayo is all about bathing in the colors of the Mexican flag - red, green and white. You can wear those cute sombrero hats that are very Mexican. Groove to mariachi music and down some tequila shots!

If partying is not up your sleeve right on the first day of the week, click on these cards and send across Cinco de Mayo cards to all your friends. Have a nice time guys!

Time For Fiesta! Send this cute ecard on Cinco De Mayo to friends/family/loved ones.
Hot And Sizzling! Wish friends and loved ones a great time on Cinco de Mayo with this trendy ecard.
Ay Caramba! Tune in for a groovy Cinco De Mayo with your friends and loved ones.
Feliz Cinco De Mayo! Send a warm note to your dear ones.
Hot 'N Happening Cinco! A fun wish for your friends/family and loved ones.
Celebra! Wish your friends/family/loved ones a great time on Cinco De Mayo.
Of Margaritas And Tequilas! A romantic ecard for the beautiful margaritas and handsome tequilas. Send it to flirt with your sweetheart!
Missing You... Missing someone special this Cinco de Mayo? Reach out to him/her with this warm ecard.


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