Saturday, March 10, 2007
If friendship hapens to be the foundation of marriage it can pass all tests of time and can evolve into a successful and beautiful relation. The basis of marriage bears similarity with the friendship from the point of view that both are dependent on mutual trust, respect and understanding. Research suggests that 66.54% successful married couples over the world are good friends.

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Ways in which friendship can nurture marriage:

•The spirit of fun – Getting some time out from your busy schedule and going out for movies or meeting somewhere for coffee after work can add a fun factor to marriage. Infact you should do all those activities that you did once with your friends and buddies to keep the romance alive.
•Share your problems – Keep all your ego aside and confide your work or other problems with your partner. It takes a lot of stress away from you at the same time helps you to seek advice from the other person who really cares about you and helps you to deal with the problem just as friend would have been your comfort zone.
•Share your secrets – Just as you would not think twice before sharing your worries and secrets with your friends, it is very essential that you don’t keep any major problem out of your partners purview as well. If there is anything troubling you or becoming a cause of concern, it is best to sit and discuss about it. This transparency is essential for the relationship to last long.
•Harp on each other’s positive aspect – Friends you know always make you feel you’re such a darling, but true friends criticize you as well, right? So partners in a relationship like marriage takes on the role of a true friend who knows every weakness just as he knows your strengths. But, often bitterness in marriage arises due to too much of negative criticism. Just as you would perk up your friend’s mood by harping on her good qualities, it is essential you do so with your partner as well. If it’s necessary to criticize then it needs to be complimented with positive qualities so as to drive away any signs of bitterness, whatsoever. Most people forget the attributes that attracted you to your present partner, so it is very essential that you remind yourself of it at all time to keep the relation sweet an maintain its charm.
•Respect – This is the crux of any relation and so it holds true for marriage as well. Most men find it hard to accept the decision of their wives. But all such biased attitude must be kept at bay. Just as you would respect your friend’s opinion, it is important that you respect your partner’s views as well. This builds confidence in each other and makes the bond stronger.

I presume now you can well understand the significance friendship holds in marriage and how you can possibly help your marriage to bloom further with the passage of time.

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