Thursday, March 8, 2007
Do you have pets at home whom you consider to be your closest friend for the fact that they are undemanding yet can love you unconditionally? I too think that your pets can take care of a lot of things which perhaps even your best of friends can't. Their funny acts can make you burst into a fits of laughter, their endearing ways can make you forget all your sorrows, you can be assured of having them sit around you to give you company when you feel short, they can be friends for a lifetime just like the lil 2 year old girl and her pet dog, namely Abigail and Rosco.

I got this cute lil video which I found really close to my heart and wanted to share with you all. Hope you all enjoy watching the same!

Reasons Why You're My Best Pal !
A cool friendship wish for your dearest pal.

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