Tuesday, February 13, 2007
I found this great post on love between Friends in this blog. This is posted as a series, here's one of them -

Men and women can be friends and something else too because sooner or later, the fantasy of something apart from 'just friends' is likely it will cross your mind! This will be a passing thought which shouldn't affect the friendship. And don't deny it, girls! There's nothing wrong with fancying your friend – in just a friendly way, of course.

One way you can acknowledge your feelings without having to rush into anything serious is simply to flirt with your friend – providing they're flirty themselves. Flirting with someone who's shy is not a very positive thing to do - he or she may be holding back feelings of desire for you and you'll be leading them on and confusing them too. But yes, if your friends are great flirts themselves, then this game can be played to have some fun. If it's just fun you're after – flirting will do the trick. It's a great way to flex your feminism and be sexy. And if you're honest and open about your intentions – making sure your friend doesn't mistake your flirting for anything more, then sex shouldn't get in the way. Understanding each other's boundaries is very necessary - anyone who crosses the line has to hold back, remember you are just flirting! The last thing you want to do is get yourself in an awkward situation with a good friend – or worse still, get an earful from his or her partner!

Now, there's nothing wrong with flirting in moderation, and between some people it's completely normal to fancy each other. But, if you're hanging out with someone in the hope that one day they'll see the light and realise you're 'the one', the friendship will suffer. So if lust or sex, or at least, sexual attraction does get in the way, but if your friendship's strong enough, you'll get past it – or at the very least, have a little flirty fun along the way...


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